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Licenturion® Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions contain the basic regulations regarding the use of this Licenturion® website and the use of the products and services offered by us, Licenturion GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Licenturion") including, but not limited to, Licenturion® Product Key, Licenturion® Personal Product Key, and Licenturion® Product Activation. These terms and conditions shall apply to and govern all current and future legal transactions, acts of legal significance, contractual relationships and all similar communications between you (hereinafter referred to as "User") and Licenturion. User's terms and conditions inconsistent with these terms shall be inapplicable. Licenturion herewith objects to such User's terms and conditions.

1 Registration

1.1 In order to be able to make due use of Licenturion's services rendered on this website, User shall sign up, and shall be obliged to submit truthfully the requested data. Licenturion complies with all applicable data protection regulations. Further explanations are contained in the Privacy Policy as set forth in Section 8.

1.2 In the course of the registration procedures, User is requested to submit his or her e-mail address and to choose a password (both hereinafter referred to as "The Access Data"), granting him access to Licenturion's services. User shall keep The Access Data confidential, in particular he or she shall be obliged to keep it in a safe place secure against third parties' access. If User has lost The Access Data or if he or she has the suspicion that The Access Data are used by a third party, he or she shall promptly notify Licenturion.

1.3 In the event of a loss or a suspicion of an abusive use of The Access Data, Licenturion shall be entitled to an immediate blocking of access.

1.4 Upon transmitting of the completed sign-up questionnaire, User communicates an offer to enter into this contract with Licenturion and consents to the application of these terms and conditions.

2 License Management Account

2.1 Upon completion of the sign-up procedures, User will be able to access his or her License Management Account. This account enables the use of Licenturion's products and services.

2.2 Licenturion shall be entitled to block access to the License Management Account, if User breaches these terms and conditions or for other good cause. In case of such blocking, User shall not be entitled to re-sign-up and open up a new account, unless Licenturion consents in writing.

3 Grant of Licenses in Licenturion's Intellectual Property

3.1 Licenturion grants to User the non-exclusive license to use the development libraries provided by Licenturion in conjunction with up to ten (10) copies of User's software which is intended to be subject to protection by integrating the development libraries (hereinafter referred to as "The Application"). This license is granted for evaluation purposes only. For these evaluation purposes, User shall be allowed to copy and distribute the development libraries without any modifications together with The Application. Any distribution of the development libraries without or independent from The Application is not allowed. The license granted is strictly limited to 10 copies of The Application.

3.2 The grant as set forth in Section 3.1 does not include the source code of the development libraries. User shall have no rights or licenses with respect to any source code of any software provided by Licenturion with the exception of the source code included by Licenturion in the distribution archives of the development libraries. User is allowed to use this source code for integrating the development libraries into The Application. Licenturion grants to User the non-exclusive license to create and distribute statically or dynamically linked with The Application the binary representation resulting from compiling this source code or parts of it. This license is granted for evaluation purposes only. For these evaluation purposes, User shall be allowed to create and distribute in the described manner up to ten (10) copies of this binary representation. Any distribution of the source code is not allowed.

3.3 Licenturion represents that the development libraries do not infringe upon third parties' intellectual property rights. Licenturion shall not be liable for the infringement upon patents that Licenturion did not have any knowledge of in the course of the development of the software.

4 Free of Charge Software and Services

The use of the development libraries and source code for evaluation purposes according to Sections 3.1 and 3.2 in conjunction with up to ten (10) different product keys and Licenturion's respective services shall be royalty-free and free of any other charges for User. User, however, may request more than ten (10) product keys. Such acquisition of additional product keys shall be subject to a written License Agreement between the parties.

5 Term

This term of this contract is perpetual and unlimited in time. The contract shall remain effective until terminated by either party.


6.1 Licenturion shall be liable for errors in the Development Libraries and its free of charge services according to the statutory provisions governing the law of gift and donation and the product liability law.

6.2 Prior to the installation of the Development Libraries and prior to adding these to the software, User shall back-up all data possibly affected. In the case of loss or damage of data or storage material, liability shall not include the expenses incurred for the restoration of data. Liability for loss of data shall be limited to the typical damages that would have been suffered in the event of regularly frequent and risk oriented performance of back-ups.

6.3 Unforeseeable damages or remote consequential damages are excluded from Licenturion's liability.

6.4 As far as the remaining causes of action are concerned, Licenturion shall only be liable for intentional or grossly negligent conduct.

7 Privacy Policy

7.1 Basic Principles

Licenturion respects its customers' and users' right of informational self-determination. The collecting, processing and use of personal data is conducted only to an extent compellingly necessary for the performance of customer relationships or for the use of the products and services that Licenturion offers.

7.2 Automatically Transmitted Data

On Licenturion's website no technical devices are deployed that enable a permanent identification of users, in particular no permanent cookies will be installed on the users' computers. However, our web application requires session cookies. Upon access to Licenturion's internet services, some or all of the following data will be logged automatically by Licenturion's server:

The data will exclusively be used for the purpose of identification and tracking down of un-authorized attempts of access and accesses on Licenturion's servers.

7.3 Collecting, Processing and Use of Customer and User Data

Licenturion collects personal data of its customers or of its users only to an extent necessary for the settlement of the respective contractual relationship or for the due performance of such relationship.

All personal data, transmitted by customers or users or accumulated by virtue of a log-in, will be processed and used only for the purpose of the settlement of the respective contractual relationship or for the due performance of the service. In no event, personal data will be transmitted to third parties.

7.4 Disclosure, Revocation and Deletion

The customers and users of Licenturion's services shall be entitled, at any time, to claim for disclosure of the personal data relating to them and stored at Licenturion.

Licenturion shall delete its customer's or user's personal data immediately, if he or she desires such deletion. Deletion will not take place, if Licenturion needs the data for the performance or the settlement of the customer relationship and if it is entitled by statutory law to use such data without the consent of the identifiable individual.

As far as Licenturion processes or uses personal data only by virtue of the identifiable individual's consent, the identifiable individual may withdraw his or her consent at any time. If the identifiable individual deploys this right to revocation, Licenturion will delete the respective personal data immediately.

8 Modification of these Terms and Conditions

8.1 Licenturion reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time and without giving any reasons. The new terms will be transmitted to the e-mail address specified in The Access Data one month before becoming effective.

8.2 The new terms and conditions shall be deemed as incorporated, unless User does object within 14 days upon reception of the notification e-mail. The objection has to be communicated in writing or in text form. Licenturion shall notify User of his or her right to objection and the consequences of the omission to object.

9 Miscellaneous

9.1 This contract shall be governed and construed with respect to all claims under the laws of Germany. The parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the German International Private Law are specifically excluded from application to this contract.

9.2 The parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of, and waive any venue objections against, the Landgericht Berlin, Germany, in any litigation arising out of this Agreement.

9.3 All changes, supplements or termination notices concerning this Agreement must be made in writing or in text form in order to be valid. This also applies to the rescission of this contractual requirement of writing or text form. In the event, provisions of this Agreement should be held or become invalid, this shall not affect the remaining part of this Agreement. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the valid provision, that serves most closely the purpose of the invalid provision; this also applies in case of a loophole.

In case of questions on these Terms and Conditions, please send an e-mail to legal@licenturion.com.

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